Ancillary Division
Accomplishment of SSS claim
Accomplishment of Insurance claim
Availment of Medical Social Service Assistance
Claiming of Live Birth Certificate
Dental Outpatient Consultation
Issuance of Certificate of Confinement (COC)
Issuance of Hospital Card
Issuance of Live Birth Certificate for newly born babies
Issuance of Medical Abstract for patients who are still admitted
Issuance of Medical Certificate or Dental Certificate
Issuance of Medico Legal Certificate
Issuance of New Born Screening Result
Issuance of Prescribed Drugs and Medicines
Laboratory Examination
Live birth Certificate Preparation for Newly Born Babies
Patient’s Admission
Photocopy of Diagnostic Results
Photocopy of Surgical Record, Discharge Summary, Delivery Report
Re-issuance of Immunization Card
Requesting for X-ray Procedure
Re-typing of live birth certificate not yet registered in the Local Civil Registrar
Typing of Cedula or Late Registration
Finance and Management Services Division
Issuance of Check Payment
Issuance of Receipt
Issuance of Statement of Account for Philhealth Patients
Issuance of Statement of Account for Purely Pay Patients
Philhealth Refund

Nursing Services Division
Central Supply Dispensing
Emergency Services, Management and Referral (ER)
Emergency Services, Management and Referral (LR/DR)
Outpatient Consultation
Ward / Unit Discharge

Quality Management Division
Public Assistance and Complaints Desk