About Us
Nursing service is one of the three major divisions of Talisay District Hospital functioning under the general supervision of the Chief of Hospital.
Nursing Division is headed by the Chief Nurse ably assisted by Nurse Supervisor and Head Nurses
The division is the single largest department of the hospital comprising 41 personnel distributed in 5 Patient Care Areas namely, General Ward, OB-DR Complex, Emergency Room, Operating Room and the Out Patient Services.
TDH Nursing service operates on a 24/7 basis for In-Patient and Special Care areas utilizing the conventional and cyclical staffing pattern through adequate manpower complement
The nursing service also coordinates with other service areas for the efficient and effective delivery of quality support services.

Our Vision

TDH Nursing Service envision itself to provide patient centered and quality nursing care services to all its clients regardless of disease, condition, age, gender, religion and social status in pursuit of the delight of the patients that we serve

Our Mission

Render caring, competent, compassionate and ethical nursing care that is responsive to the needs of the patients that we serve

TDH Nursing Service Philosophy

Talisay District Hospital Nursing Service is committed to quality nursing services in the pursuit of our patients delight and satisfaction

TDH Nursing Service Believes
•    That health care is a human right, and that patients and their significant others are encouraged to participate in their own care
•    That we in the Nursing Service Division makes a commitment to deliver compassionate and holistic care to the patient in a caring, competent and ethical manner
•    That all staff in the division is qualified through licensure, demonstrated competence and a commitment to continual professional development

Furthermore we believe that the Nursing Service is united by
•    A personal commitment to caring
•    A dynamic search for professional excellence
•    A team spirit of courage, joy and hope in our interaction to all clients that we come in contact with.

Key components of TDH Nursing Practice
•    Sensitivity to customer service and outcomes
•    Caring and compassionate environment
•    Advocacy
•    Continuity of Care
•    Collaboration across disciplines

Areas under the Nursing Division

•    General Nursing Units (General Ward and OB-GYNE Ward)
•    Special Nursing Units (Emergency Room, Operating Room, Labor and Delivery Room and Neonatal Care Unit)
•    Out Patient Services
•    Central Supply and Sterilization Unit
•    Public Health Unit